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“Facts are subversive.” — I.F. Stone

The public needs facts—not social-media conjecture or outright invention—to engage constructively in matters large and small. That’s particularly true in small communities, where both citizens and their local officials—often volunteers—need credible information to form the basis of decisions that will contribute to quality-of-life for all.

Founded by journalist Bill Shein and unfolding in 2023, The Berkshire Argus will feature in-depth, long-form reporting on local and regional issues, ensuring that our communities’ stories are told with context, history, and myriad voices and perspectives. That includes investigative and accountability journalism that uncovers the truth and challenges long-unquestioned narratives—always without fear or favor.

The Argus will also provide news analysis, informed commentary, and some (much-needed) humor. Watch for audio reporting and podcast interviews that enable our neighbors, town officials, and others to share their perspective beyond just sound bites and pull-quotes.

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To submit a letter to the editor to be considered for publication, send to Please include your name and mailing address. (Only city and state will be published.)

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What does “Argus” mean?

Taken from Greek mythology, Argus Panoptes is an all-seeing guardian with 100 eyes—some remain open even as it sleeps. It’s an old-school journalism word that was once commonly used as a newspaper name. As the Greek poet Hesiod wrote of Argus: “Sleep never fell upon his eyes; but he kept sure watch always.”


The Berkshire Argus: Important stories fully told.

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Bill Shein

J’ecris. Berkshire County writer and journalist. Editor of The Berkshire Argus (unfolding in 2023).